Not all websites are created equal.

At Pixel & Mortar, we build strategically-designed websites that focus on aesthetics, usability, and —most importantly— goals.

Why we’re different

Most web development companies sell standard websites. You provide them with a laundry list of features (“social media integration, news section, slider with all our photos…”), and they cobble together all of them into a site. These sites end up being haphazardly organised, and don’t have any strategic direction.

At Pixel & Mortar, we do it differently. We build intelligent, focused websites that are based on research, data, and your business goals.

Building standard, non-strategic websites are like tossing a net randomly and hoping you catch some fish. We don’t believe in that. We build sites by studying your business, then throw our net out where we know there are many fish to be caught.

This means that, at the end of the day, our sites pay for themselves several times over.

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How we can help you

If you’re a business with under 50 employees, and

  • you understand the potential and importance of having an effective site, but
  • you know your current website is under-performing,

then yes, we can definitely help you! (Otherwise, maybe we’re not such a great fit.)

If you work with us, we’ll sit down with you to establish your goals, identify your audience, and figure out what role your website plays in your business. We’ll dig into your current site (and your competitors’) to find out what works and doesn’t work. We’ll talk to your team to learn their workflow. All of this will be used to strategically guide the redesign of both the look of the site, and how it functions in the back.

Ultimately, what you’ll get is a completely bespoke website that performs better — increased leads, sales, sign-ups, or any desired visitor action — and that brings in more business for your, well, business.


We’ll answer all your questions, and we promise not to pressure you into working with us.

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Free website consultation

Sometimes, a completely new site may not make the most financial sense. If you already have a website, some tweaks may be all you need to increase its effectiveness.

We’re happy to run a free 20-minute Skype review session of your current website. We’ll go through your site together, and critique on what can be done better, as well as provide easily implementable solutions. It’s completely free, and there’s absolutely no pressure to hire us after the session.

Just fill in your email below, and we’ll send you a short form that asks you a little bit about your business, and schedules in a time for our Skype / Google Hangout call.


Free PDF: Website checklist of best practices

If you’re of the do-it-yourself breed, we also have a PDF checklist for things you should look out for in your site — with guidelines for website copy, design, general user experience best practices, and more.

Fill in the form below and let us know which you prefer — a free consultation, or doing it yourself.


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